IBERTELCO – Electrónica, Lda. was created in 1997 to provide the media market with equipment, turnkey solutions and services. It has offices in Lisbon and Oporto.



Ibertelco’s Management Policy is ruled by the following principles:

  • Ensure the satisfaction of its customers, through the fulfillment of the commitments assumed and the requirements of the products and services as well as the legal requirements;
  • To manage the relationships with its suppliers through a partnership logic, considering them as an integral part of the Management System and maintaining a continuous evaluation and qualification of the services provided;
  • Continuous compliance evaluation of our suppliers regarding our orders’ technical and commercial requirements as well as their reaction capacity to our requests for technical assistance;
  • To ensure compliance with their fiscal, legal and social responsibilities;
  • To involve all employees in the Management System, being aware of their needs;
  • To systematically evaluate their Management System’s implementation results, keeping all the activities functioning according  to the established procedures, continuously improving the System’s efficiency.